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Key change is an easy and cheap procedure and has great value since it can reduce lockouts significantly. It is actually necessary when you are moving to a new place or want to keep ex-employees out of office. There are definitely many solutions to deal with security issues and you can rely on the knowhow of the teams of Locksmith Châteauguay for your information and consultation. We have huge experience in the field and have assisted many homes and offices in Quebec to reinforce their security.

The importance of regular key change

When the locks are old, rusty or problematic in certain away, they will Rekey Lockseventually betray you. The cylinder might not work properly and the keys might get distorted or don’t fit in the lock quiet well and this can lead to probable lockouts. These are problems, which may be avoided with the help of our teams, which are methodical, creative and experienced. We are also fast in times you are dealing with urgent problems and require our intervention for key replacement or the rekeying of locks. We are aware of the latest changes on the market of locks and can replace any office, home or car key.

The value of rekeying for master key systems

Hotels, big office buildings and corporations find it useful and practical to install a master key system and it is our specialty to check, repair and, definitely, rekey it. When there are too many people interfering with locks and keys are found in many hands, rekeying some locks once in a while will help you keep control over some areas of your office or company. Rekeying locks is the specialty of the teams of our Locksmith in Châteauguayand the most inexpensive solution for enhanced safety.

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